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How To Introduce New Foods?

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I bought my cockatiel from a pet shop I wasn't going to at first but I fell in love with one that they had there.I was just wondering how to get him/her to eat other foods .They had her/him on just seeds when I visited:)wacko:).I put pellets in the cage and seeds and a bowl with both and he/she is only picking out seeds!

Oh and the seeds where just plain budgie seeds.
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I got my birds to eat veggies. I started with corn that I just put in a bowl and then sprinkled seed on top and throughout. For the first while, my two only ate the seeds... but eventually they tried the corn and they love it. I'm using the same technique with other veggies. As for pellets, I mixed seeds and pellets in a dish and they eventually realized that it was food and good to boot. Now I don't have to mix the pellets with seeds. They will actually choose to eat from the pellet dish. Charlie (8 months) took to the pellets really quickly but Jasper (1 year +) was more set in his ways and it took him maybe a month before he started eating them.
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