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I have two cockatiels that have lived together for 3 years. One year ago I got a young cockatiel that I was told was a female. She lived in a cage that sat next to the other cockatiels cage. After a short time "she" started talking and learned 3 words and to imitate my whistle. The other two have never learned any words.
About 2 weeks ago, I put the new female whom is really a male into the cage with the other two. While the 3 birds were in separate cages, one of the original cockatiels would sit on a perch located next to the younger cockatiel's cage and they seemed to be best of friends. Now, when they are all together in the same cage, they won't sit near each other, and if the new cockatiel gets close one of the original cockatiels, he is snapped at.
Should I just wait it out to see if they get friendly? They don't fight and they eat out of the same cup. I am not sure about the sex of the original cockatiels, they have been through several molds and their feathers change colors but they both have tail feathers that have stripes on some of the inside part of their tail feathers, so I think they may be females.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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