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How long after mateing before eggs are laid?

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I was sitting here, on the computer and heard a different commosion comming out of my daughters room, (this is where the tiels are i got from the rescue lady off of craigslist), it was not thier normal whistling and other funny noises, I have yet to make out

So i walk to the door lightly open it and peak my head in, and my jaw DROPPED!!

There was the lutino with Bart (grey split to pied) mounted and going to town as Far as I know he was DOING IT RIGHT!! I've never seen the correct genders do it Just 2 females LOL (of birds that is)

Oh and they doing this ontop of the cage! I do not have a nesting box - as i wasn't planning on breeding them just yet * guess they had other plans though lolo * But my bf's dad told us already he'll make some, he's the one who made them for my budgies

So I called my b/f to tell him to get a hold of his dad and get at LEAST ONE box done!! A.S.A.P Please ---- BUT i got his voice mail

So my question is ... how many days after mating (incase they did do it right of course) before she'd start laying eggs??

So I know incase it was done right how quickly i'm going to need that nest box

and a explantion of how excatly they "do it" would be nice, I'm pretty sure they were doing it right, I stood there for a good 2-3 mins. watching ( don't ask why lol i don't know) but I watched to the end, and the odd noises started a good 3 mins before i even went into the bedroom

any help is appriciated

~ Thanks ~
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It's likely that she'll lay them in a day or two- she probably already found a good place already but you can always move the eggs in the box. I can't wait to see mine start having babies! I have more to read up-read up on budgies already all I can but not tiels.
Thank you the 2nd link told me what I needed to know
Hope they do have some eggs :D:D You must be excited :)
if they didn't do it right the 1st time, I'm sure they got it right yesterday afternoon when my daughter told me there was a wierd noise comming from her room - and i went to check before She walked in (she's only 10) and there they were going at it again, Only this time they were in side the cage

I didn't think they'd do it in front of all the other birds and out in the open .. but they proved me wrong lol
oh boy..they must really want those babies! Good luck!
Hope they got it right this time:D:D If they don't you better keep your daughter from going in the room when that noise is going on:)

Good Luck !!:D
should I seperate them from the other birds in the cage now, or wait until i actually have a nest box?

I know just because a bird mates, doesn't mean they'll have babies but then i also know not to think all birds are like that - that some do have them 1st time around

Ok that was confusing LOL

I'm planning on leaving the cages in the same room, and by eachother - but I didn't know if i should seperate them now or wait until i've got a nesting box
I would separate them now, then by the time you have a nest box they'll be well and truly rearing to go. :p
I agree with Bea- go ahead and separate them.
Thank You :)
it takes a week to 2 weeks for her to lay eggs seprate them now :Dhope all goes well
well they kept doing it off and on but no eggs ever showed up, we let them out the other day they'd been seperated in a cage of thier own since I made this post so i fiqured it's been a month and nothing has came, I'd let them out for a bit to play with the other birds

But i've to say bart is one umm don't knwo how to say it any other way other then horny Bird! he has tried to mount every female i've got lol
hmmm for someone so active...hehe you would think he would have some eggs somewhere ;)
Could it be her egg that was on the playpen in the post you made on TB?
I'm not sure, I've never seen her on the play gym, she hangs out in the cage, and ontop of the cage, that's the only places I've ever seen her, they still go into the nesting box even know i don't have thier door latched shut,

and so is a white face male, and my Cinnoman Pearl Female in the cage above bart and Lucy

I haven't found any more eggs, and I still check them daily, along with both nesting boxes the only one's that have been caught in the act Tiel wise, is Bart and Lucy

so as of right now that Mystery is still unsolved, but I'm not giving up yet
Who knows- maybe your two just mate for pleasure. My budgies are like that..I really hope you find out who's eggie that was because she might be in trouble.
I now know who layed the egg, we were in the bird room today, feeding, cleaning and sitting in there with them when I realized Pearl was no where in any cage, on top of any cage nor on the play gym - She's our Cinnoman Pearl and very curious She usally stands on top of the cage and watches us feed and water and clean cages

I opened the lid to one of the nest boxes that is on thier cage and there she was, So I waited til she came out to eat and looked again and there was an Egg in the nest box

So now I've got my Yellow Face budgies on eggs, and one cockatiel( not the one who I thought would be laying eggs though)
Glad you found out! Be careful though because the soft shell is not a good thing by any means. I would take away her box and start her on a calcium supplement.
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