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How do I get my cockatiel to bathe?

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I was told that my 9 week old cockatiel needs to start taking baths so for the past few days I've been trying to introduce him to take a bath.

I first tried the spray bottle method by spraying
him in a way that the water lands on him like rain (a few feet away from him I spray the water up to the ceiling)

He shakes his head and runs away, and when I spray again he flies away. I don't chase him because I'm worried he'll feel intimidated or something.

Next I tried the shallow water bowl method. To be honest I have no idea how I'm supposed to introduce this to him. He just kept crawling up to my shoulder and ignored the water bowl.

I wanted to try the shower method but because of the layout of the bathroom I can't do it.

How do I introduce her to baths? All the guides I've read involve the bird already knowing how to bath. My cockatiel is sort of new to this (but except once my friend dunked her under a faucet saying "he smells let's give him a bath" when he was barely 4 weeks old)
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