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White Face
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Concerned re: passing virus to bird

Concern- re: my white face cockatiel. I was exposed to mold and pathogens, and was diagnosed with mrsa- not realizing this, I often hold the bird- near my face. He climbs, cuddles etc.

Without realizing the problem, the bird actually picked on my face in an area that was not normally there. It turned out to be dry skin around an infected area.
He normally is not that close- and I normally have unblemished skin.

I am now concerned he has the mrsa virus.

I have Baytril- does anyone how long I should administer the antibiotic?

Sounds weird- however I was helping someone clean out a home, and was exposed to pathogens. I normally have great skin- and this little breakout turned out to be the mrsa virus. I’m concerned my bird may have it.
521 - 540 of 569 Posts