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How can I bond with two cockatiels in the same cage?

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I just got two cockatiels both under 1 year old. One girl and one boy. So far, they've spent their entire life at the pet shop in a cage together. Now at my home, I also have one large cage for them. I'm starting to regret my decision of buying two birds and 1 cage because I hear that tiels which bond with eachother won't bond with their owner as well. Is there a way to prevent that? I want them both to be close to me but I don't know how big of a problem them being close to eachother is.
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It is possible to tame a bonded pair of adult tiels however you should think of it as a journey that will last years without the assurance of success.

About 250 yrs ago all cockatiels were wild, flying around the outback. These animals are not domesticated and have not been bred out of any of their natural instincts.
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