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Ever since I got my baby, he has done nothing besides sit on his perch in front of the food dish all day long. He would waddle from one end to the other on that perch but wouldn't ever get off of it, unless mean mom made him. ;)

Well today he has finally started showing some interest in his surroundings. He finally started playing with the toy that I hung at one end of the perch. lol He got soo involved with it that he even fell off his perch and didn't care. He just kept right on playing and doing his baby screeching at the toy.

At the other side of the cage I have a ladder that is attached to a little platform. There are all kinds of cool toys up near that platform and tonight he actually managed to climb up the ladder! I didn't think he would be able to do anything like that because of his bum leg but I guess no one told him that. :love: lol I'm soo proud of my little boy. Anyways. I just thought I'd share my happy moment. Off to bed now. :D
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