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ok monday the three tiels i rescued will be out of quarantine as of now they are verry chattery and cinny loves to climb out and ontop of her cage around the sides and the back she is the one that is the dominant of the three the crowns are growing in they look way better and the feathers have a shinny gloss to them now
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well like with sparkles stretch has been trying to get in the bedroom he has been tapping on the door just yesterday shadow started with his voice first time he has been imitating since i got him
ok looks like shadow maybe a female and bopper a male

the last 3 days bopper has been verry talkative all day long tapping on the cage bars and today said hello there

meanwhile the whole month shadow has hardly said anything stays all bye himself eats after the other 2 drinks after the other 2
ok i took the three out of quarantine and right away stretch had to check the new tiels out he got close to shadow ontop of the cage she just hissed at him then he was checking out cinny bad idea bopper came over and screeched at him meanwhile sparkles just sat ontop of my shoulder watching
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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