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Hi there!

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Hello, I'm new to this site and still having a look around to see how things work. I have one cockatiel, Asa (he's the handsome guy in my profile pic), that is about 7 years old. I do my best with him, and usually when I have questions I browse online forums to see if anyone has a good solution, but I think it would be a good idea to make an account to be able to ask the community directly. I have one other bird, a lineolated parakeet, but they are housed separately and have individual out-of-cage flight and playtime.
Asa is my first tiel and I love him to bits. He's a nervous little guy but after years of working on his confidence and socialization, he is much more relaxed and inquisitive than he used to be. When we brought him home he would fall apart at the drop of a molted feather, and it took a lot of patience and love for him to trust. I hope he has a long happy life with my family.
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Greetings. Glad to have you. Welcome to the forum.
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