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Hi I am new

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I like in the uk with my partner two kids two step kids a cat 4 cockatiels one pairs on eggs 3 kakarikis 9 parrotlets 6 budgies and 5 quails and tropical fish
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Hi Amber welcome to the forum, sounds like you have a house full :)
Thanks i wish i had more room i would have a lot more :D
i wish i had more room i would have a lot more :D
I hear that!!! :D
Welcome to you and your full house! Glad to have you!
Welcome to the forums, amber26! I wish I could have as many pets as you , now we need to see pictures of them hehe! :D
i can't get it to work i am useless with photo's
i can't get it to work i am useless with photo's
We can help you. Are they on your computer or on a site like
Hi amber!!!! Welcome to Talk Cockatiels!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your tiels!!! I bet they are really cute!!!
Welcome to the forums Amber! :D Wow, that's a lot of pets you have.
hello and welcome. sounds like you got quite the flock there. i'd love to see picutres
I have got three beautiful chicks one at 5 days old 2 at three days old
Awww thats wonderful news congrats on the babies how are they doing? that must be so great to have little babies :D you should post about them in the breeding section we love hearing about babies on here :p
Thanks for posting some pictures the babies are gorgeous you must be so proud :D you could also post them in the picture section so we can see bigger pic's of them ;)
also just to let you know the gallery is a cockatiel gallery you can post pic's of your other birds in the chit chat section thats usually were we post about our other pets ...thanks for sharing them :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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