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Hello! I am a 3 bird household with 2 budgies and one beautiful cockatiel named Pearl. She's about 8 months old and is a cinnamon pearl.
I am a SAHM and an artist, and my husband is a professional musician and we have one daughter, Veronica, who's 4. Other pets we have are one female Betta fish, and a 16 year old doggy named Kasey. Just about a week ago our other doggie Mabel, a sweet little Dachshund, passed away so we are a bit in mourning in the household right now.
Pearl is a sweet bird, but we got her in an interesting way. A friend of mine asked me to take care of her for awhile while she went out of town to take care of her ailing mother, but then eventually asked us if we would just keep her because she might not come back to town. When we got her she seemed really sweet and tame, she was relatively quiet, and enjoyed everyone's company. About a month after we got her I had to go out of town for my Dad's wedding in New York City and got stuck there for 12 days because of Superstorm Sandy. While I was gone, Tommy took good care of the all the pets, and bonded with Pearl. I was happy for him because he's such a Manly Man, but he craves attention and affection just like the rest of us and the attention from Pearl was nice for him and vica versa. However, I've been back for a couple of weeks now and I think Pearl has gotten way too attached to Tommy because now she doesn't want to hand out with anyone else as long as he is within eyesight. She doesn't get aggressive when we try to interact with her, but she will always go back to him the first chance she gets. For now my daughter and I are just going to keep trying to spend more time with her, maybe bribe her with extra treats. Not sure that's going to work since I'm already the one that feeds her and takes care of the cages.
Anyway, that's my story! I'm looking forward to reading about y'all and learning all about being a cockatiel person!



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