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Hi fellow tiel enthusiasts.
I'm Jess, bird Muma to Rex and Blue.
Rex is 11 months, cinnamon, male. He was my first bird and came in to my life unexpectedly at 4 weeks. He's a lovely, cuddley, outgoing boy who rules my world. My little bestie.
As of 1 week ago Blue joined us. Sex unknown, although I'm going with girl for now. She's approximately 3 weeks old, pied, and a very sweet, mild-mannered baby. She spends most of her time tucked up in my jumper sleeping.
I'm very excited to be part of this community. I have an innumerable amount of bird questions! Having never had anything to do with birds before Rex, it's still a lot of trial and error over here.
I'm happy to have a way to connect with other like-minded bird lovers.
Thanks for having us!
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