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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone im 21 I live in London in the UK I have 10 tiels Cola ,Sid ,Nancy ,Oreo ,Houdini ,Dora ,Chicco ,Ladyboy ,scrappy and Scobby:love:(gosh thats a mouthfull reading it back to myself)

I love my tiels there like my babies all though i do have some that dont have wings and feathers lol my oldest tiels are Sid and Nancy they are 9 this month my yongest is Dora i think she must be about 6 months now ill have to find my calender as ive got some many birthdays and hatchdays to remember i cant keep up lol:blush: I no you all love photos so ill get some together and post them later
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Yes, welcome and have fun posting. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your tiels. We shall see you around hopefully!
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