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Hi my name is Kim and I LOVE cockatiels. I was told about this forum by bea from another forum. I currently have 4 cockatiels, though 2 are in canada with my fiancee and 2 are our family pets in Australia.

Angel and Little Mikey are the Aussie ones lol...Angel is approx 7 years old and a heavy pied. I've had him since my teens when he was still not quite weaned...I am his mummy and all affection is withheld for either myself or dad..he says hello, pretty, pretty, pretty boy and whistles....Little Mikey has been with us 3 weeks now since he was 10 weeks old...i believe he is a pastelface pied....he has just started copying Angel with whistling and talking.....Angel won't let me scratch him anymore but Little Mikey LOVES it...

As for the Canadian 2....Chico is a heavy pied approx 8 months old....we got him in March and he was another mummy's boy but now since i;m in oz...he's daddy's boy....he loves kissies and scratchies and is an amazing whistler.....the 2nd tiel is one i haven't officially met....her name is Belle and she is a fiance Mike has only had her a month or so....she is a very pretty girl...

I also have 2 budgies...a cinnamon light green male Angus and a blue pied male well as 2 dogs...a fox terrier Caleb who is 8 and a jack russell cross tenterfield terrier Hamish who is 2...

Well I'm looking forward to getting to know you all...and see all the beautiful tiels you have...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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