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Hi All

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Im Kylie and I just signed up today.
I would like to introduce you all to Jive, who is my first Cockatiel.
At the moment I cant tell if Jive is a boy or a girl. But one thing for sure he/she has alot of personality.
There are two photos of Jive in the gallery, feel free to have a look n hopfully there will be more to come.
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I got Jive from a pet shop, I did find out that he/she has been hand raised. I had been looking around for a tiel for a while and when I saw Jive, I knew I found the bird for me. I should say that Jive choose me. The lady at the shop took Jive out of the cage n he/she sat stright on my fingure and started talking and whistling. Ive only had Jive for a few days, but Im suprised at how well he/she has settled in. Jive starts talking and whistling as soon as I uncover him/her in the morning. He/she keeps it up all day, lots of personaliy in this little bird. He/she spits seed at the cats, its so funny.
Thanks for all the great comments bout Jive, Im really taken by this little bird :D. I wouldnt be suprised if I got more (dont tell my hubby lol). I feel Jive maybe a boy, will just have to wait n see.
I only got Jive 5 days ago but he/she is doing great. Will keep you all up-to-date on everything Jive does.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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