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Hi All

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Im Kylie and I just signed up today.
I would like to introduce you all to Jive, who is my first Cockatiel.
At the moment I cant tell if Jive is a boy or a girl. But one thing for sure he/she has alot of personality.
There are two photos of Jive in the gallery, feel free to have a look n hopfully there will be more to come.
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Firstly Jive is an absolute beauty!!! Looks like Cinnamon Whiteface Pearl. Both Cinnamon and Pearl are sex linked mutations (Fathers pass those genes to Daughters) which would make it more likely statistically that Jive is a girl. However if Jive's Mom was also Cinnamon Whiteface Pearl Jive could be a boy. The behavour you described sounds like a boy. If the pet shop could hook you up with the breeder they could give you a better idea what's in Jive's genes. You should know somewhere around 6 months. It sounds like you've done a bit of research so you probably already know that.
Would that be "Multiple Bird Syndrom??"
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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