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Hii I'm a newbie in taking care of tiels, I have two, 2-3 week old tiels that im handfeeding. Their names are storm (whiteface pearl) and Phoenix (lutino)

Two days ago, as I was handfeeding them on the table, storm wriggled out of my hands and fell from the table to a tile floor, on their back, and kinda struggled awkwardly for a moment (their head was in a twisted position that righted itself within 2 minutes) went quiet for a bit, then went back to their normal self less than 2 hours later.

I rushed them to the vet, because their head was slightly tilted to the left in a cocked head position, and I've read about head trauma in birds so I was worried storm had some.

However the vet said they looked fine, and since they're back to their regular self, feeding well, hungry, I should probably give them a few days to recover, since they're walking around like normal

However yesterday and today, their head is now tilted to the right?? Opposite of what side they had their head cocked on the previous day. Storm is still very very active and hungry and loud, and can still twist their head around to feed, so on and so forth, it just reverts back to the tilted head position

I'm a little worried though. Does anyone have experience with this? Should I give storm some time to straighten out? Or should I see another vet?
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