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Hey there!

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Hi,my name is Joe and i have 2 lovely little cockatiels called Sally and Charlie.They are both female but as you can see by the name we thought Charlie was male :p.I am hoping to adopt 1 or 2 male cockatiels from the local animal shelter or buy 1-2 hand reared ones :).
Thanks for listening.
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Welcome to Talk Cockatiels Joe!! We would love to see photos of Sally and Charlie. :D
Hi Joe, i look forward to hearing more about your pair!
Hi Joe my tiel is named Georgie we thought she was a male as well but she is indeed a female so now I call her Georgie girl.
Welcome Joe =] I'm glad to hear they're okay :)
Hi Joe, welcome to talk cockatiels! I feel that Lea is a girl so I have called her so, if it turns out she is a boy then I will change it to Leo :p which was originally the name I had picked out for my tiel when I finally got HIM home!

Can't wait to see pics of your beauties! :D
Hi and welcome! Sorry about the late post reply..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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