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Hi everybody,

I'm Kiso. I live in the western US and am a wildlife biologist! I'm even working with bird quite a bit this year.

I got my first cockatiel as a teenager almost 15 years ago. I had Tsuki for 6 years before she passed away from a prolapse after a long and frustrating battle with her incessant egg-laying.

My second tiel, Tilli, came into my life in fall of 2014. I regret to say that she passed away suddenly two weeks ago. We're waiting on necropsy results. I am still in shock and reeling from the loss, if I'm honest. She was my best pal, and it's been pretty devastating to lose her, especially in such a sudden way.

I do have a green cheek conure as well, Cuzco, who is doing fine. He's really more of my fiance's bird at this point! That's the only person he will really accept cuddles from.

Anyway, I will share information from Tilli's necropsy and in the meantime will probably post some questions as I seek out my next bird. I put down a deposit with a breeder, but I've never gotten a tiel QUITE like this, so I'm nervous.

Hope to see you all around!
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