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Helpful information for new/all members

Welcome to the forum. The forum contains a group of cockatiel lovers with a combined wealth of experience between them.

When you sign up you should fill out the member info. If you haven’t done so, at the top of the forum is: User CPTake the time to do this. Many times when you post responders will look at the corner of the screen to gain a little info on the poster, such as their country/location, experience level, how many tiels etc.

While reading postings on the forum you will notice that many members have avatars next to their User name. You can visit this link. At the top of the page is some info on how to do an avatar. Once you have an avatar in mind go to the UserCP and you can add the avatar to your profile. The same steps can be done to add a photo signature to your profile. Once done go back to the link, which is the test forum to see how it looks.

Visit the Introduction section of the forum and tell us a little about yourself and your birds.

Before you post take some time to explore the forum. Your first stop should be: In addition do not post non-cockatiel related sites, or spam. These messages will be deleted, and the poster is subject to being banned from the forum.

Next use the Search area. It is found on the menu bar at the top of the forum. This is helpful to you to do a search for the info you are in question of. It will bring up past postings for you to read that may have the answers you need. If you can not find the answers from past postings then post your questions.

When posting try to give as much info as possible, especially if you need advice. Please be concise with your posting, meaning just the key points, not a long rambling post. When the post is just chatty and long many reader lose interest partially thru, then your posting may not get the response you hope for.

When responding please avoid 1 word or one line responses. This takes up board space, and it takes just a little more time to add your own insight.

When responding to a thread always post your personal experience rather than something you heard or read. If it is something your heard/read please say so. Don't copy and paste info that you found on the internet, this is copyright infringement. Include links to any info. that is not your own.

Some things that are helpful when posting are including good clear photos of what you are talking about, especially when asking for help with a problem with your bird, or to find out mutation or sex. Use your own photos, please do not post photo's you found on the internet, this is copyright infringement. If you use others photos include a link to the source. This link explains how to upload photo’s to the forum:

If you are seeking advice for a sick bird or one that has health issues please use the search box first to see if this has been discussed in the past. Remember there is a combined wealth of info between the members, but we are not vets, and if a member feels you should seek a vet, their concern is for the health, safety and welfare of the bird. If you can not afford a vet, and in the US there are options:

For members with a new bird that isn't eating there is helpful information at

If this is a baby bird that has either relapsed or is not weaned*then this thread will be helpful:

For members who want to know what color mutation their bird is, the first stop should be the Mutations Guide at If this doesn't answer all your questions, start a thread that includes some nice clear pictures of your bird that let us see as much of the head and body as possible (including the back).

For members that have question on breeding birds and want to know what color the babies might be, check out the sticky on genetic calculators at*The calculators may be able to give you an answer right away.

This post is VERY important for those with questions of having cockatiels with other pets:
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