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First, I want to say that I am so glad I am back. We had to reboot our computer to the day of purchase due to virus. I didn't have this link saved. I found it by typing in my e-mail address and because I posted, it came up!


Now, on to my very serious question:
Hi guys. In March I received my birds and they have been PRODUCING
like crazy! THEN, all of a sudden - NADDA.

We recently, like 2 weeks ago, took out the nesting boxes, severely
cleaned them (soap and water), let them dry out for like a week and
then put them back. Same order.

Same food.
Same daily cleaning

I know breeding time is usually March (spring time). BUT, I thought
out of 35 birds, we'd still have some action. Is this normal for all
of them to stop at once? I have some boxes with eggs, but I think
they are bad. I recently have been having some baby deaths but I
think it's normal because mom and dad are sitting way too hard (new
parents) and I say deaths, but it's only been 3 out of 9 babies.

I am confused. I am going in there every day and am running out of
babies to sell. If they need a break and this is normal, than I just
need to have my mind put to ease. They are all acting very normal and
very cute. I recently put a video on my site of my happy birds. (under pix and journal).

So, thoughts?

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Cockatiels will breed anytime of the year under the right conditions but they shouldn't have more then two clutches a year.
I would think they just might need a break and thats why they have stopped for now.

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I've just read through your post again and I have to say that I am a little concerned. You seem to be using your cockatiels as baby making machines. I realise that you have 35 cockatiels and they will probably all breed at different times, but you say you haven't got any babies to sell.......that just sounds wrong to me. You said you got them in March and they have been breeding like crazy, well if that's the case, I think they deserve a long rest. As Laura has said, cockatiels will breed any time of the year under the right conditions, so therefore either your conditions aren't right or the birds aren't in the best of condition for breeding. I would be inclined to take out the nest boxes and give them a few months break.

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If i were set up for breeding i would aim to either breed from the start of spring and allow each pair to double clutch (assuming all goes well and the birds are healthy) so that by autumn everyone is ready for a nice long break to prepare for the next breeding season. OR i would let them have one clutch in spring and one in autumn with breaks over summer and winter.

I wouldn't get too stressed that they're not breeding right now. I would take the nest boxes down for a few months and let them recuperate, and then try again. Remember that it will be all go go go during the breeding season with little to do in the off season. :) I'm sure your tiels will get their "mojo" back after a break.
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