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I was hoping for somebody's input on what to do with my "sick" cockatiel chick. We weren't able to visit a vet due to the virus, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
The chick is one of 3 in a clutch that hatched around 3 weeks ago, and he's the youngest at around 10 days old. As a 3-4 day old, he was very week and wasn't getting fed, so we hand fed him formula 2-3 times to get his strength back, and since then he seemed fine, albeit smaller and seemed to have stunted growth. He kept growing, but at a slower rate than the others.
However, for the last few days, he's been doing this palpitating action with his lower neck and crop. It looks like rapid, labored breathing with his tongue wagging back and forth. I've attached a video of him doing it so you can see for yourself. I've read up a little bit that it's just overheating, which I can definitely solve, but if it's another condition or something you've encountered, please let me know since I want to give him the best chance possible.

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