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Help! Will My Cockatiels Breed?

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Both of my tiels have been preparing the nest for months now. But my male and female don't seemed to be bonded. I've seen then once preening each other, but apart from that, they sit at each end of their cage.

The male is constantly whistling and trying to woo her, but she doesn't seem impressed. Is she playing hard to get or what? But then sometimes the male gets a little fietsy when my female gets too close to him.

A few days ago the female performed the mating crouch, but that's when she was with me and not with the male. She's handraised and maybe she's bonded to me rather than him. Or is it a good sign that she's performed the mating crouch and she will do it to my male.

Please help me and give me advice!
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As I've said many times when you put a male and a female together, they may or may not mate. There is really nothing we can do to encourage matting other than perhaps placing a breeding box in there cage. We have a whiteface male and a female cinnamon pearl whiteface that bonded early on but for the longest time showed no interest in having kids! This has changed over the coarse of the last few weeks and they started mating! The female laid her first egg yesterday!!! I guess what I'm saying here is we ( as owners ) just need to be patient and let nature take it's coarse.
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