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Help!!Urgent help needed!

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I recently bought a female tiel for my boy sunny. We live in the middle east, it is very hard to find breeders here , so we bought her from a local market. It was hard choosing her because many birds were sick and we luckily found her.
We kept her in quarantine for 3 days. We were supposed to keep for a week but she wanted to sit on the big cage with sunny so we let her out. The cage is kept in my room. I used to keep the aircon because it gets really hot here. When we shifted her to big cage, after two days(Today) we noticed that there is some faecal matter on her underside and it is wet.
should i be concerned?I havent noticed anything apart from her sitting puffy but she is still very active and responds to sunnys calls and flies around the cage. Please help because i am very concerned and there are no vets in my area.

Thank you in advance!!
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are her droppings now solid?

maybe let her have a bath and then check if its solid or not
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