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I got a baby cockatiel handed to me yesterday after the mother refused to feed him anymore. The guy said his next feeding was in about 5 hours. I fed him les than 8 cc at 11 p.m. and today at 12 p.m. his crop is not fully empty, I acted on panic and fed him the 'papaya cream' people use to empty sour crop. I did that at about 10 a.m. the crop had not gone down. I came across this forum and found a post about crop massaging, and I did... I massaged his crop and it all came out, undigested formula. I kept him under observation for about 40 min, and feed about 6 cc of papaya cream with less than a teaspoon of formula. Did I **** up ? His crop had not gone down in 12 hours so i thought I had to act fast. I'm now freaking out thinking I've set him on death row after massaging his crop empty

Page I consulted:

For context:
I'm a nursing student NOT A VET. And my neighbor has a cockatiel pair and they bred and only hatched one tiel.

The male flew away (is know to do that and comes back after a few days) but the female stayed behind and totally neglected the baby, refused to go into the nest box and did not fed the baby, so we had to take the baby out and start him on hand feeding.

He took handfeeding fine even if he hadn´t been handled but now I'm scared and think he's in danger because of how stupid we'd been. I just couldn't let him in the cage and let him die as the mother was not caring for it anymore.

He seems active, responsive and his poops look healthy. Still I'm freaked out.

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