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(Sorry if this is a repost, I had posted this but it didn't show up for some reason)

My cockatiel, Snowy (He will be approximately 3 in June) has been sitting on the floor of the cage, puffed up, with his head turned around and hidden in his feathers all day. He's been like this since the morning.

He hasn't eaten anything or drank any water all day! I've only seen him take a single bite of his food, then walk away. He did the same with his water, just one sip and he goes back to his corner, puffs up and sleeps. He usually eats and drinks very frequently, my mom and I even make fun of him about how much he eats.

He is usually very vocal as well, always singing in the morning-noon and making other noises throughout the day. But in the entire day he has only made 2-3 short chirp noises.

He occasionally moves a bit, he repositions himself or he walks to the other side of the cage floor, only to puff up and go back to sleep.

He honestly looks very lethargic and I'm very worried. I'm definitely taking him to the vet tomorrow if he doesn't seem better by the morning (And being honest, it doesn't seem like he will get better, given his current state)

I just really hope he'll be okay.

But I'm wondering what to expect at the vet? What could be wrong with him? If he needs meds, what type of form do they come in? And how do I get him to eat and drink again (Because sick or not, if he doesn't eat or drink he'll obviously starve!)?

Thanks for reading :pied:
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