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I got Travis less than a week ago from a breeder who hand feed weaned and tamed him. I am a first time mom so when I asked what to buy to feed him she told me he has been on white millet and spray millet. Well after much research I realize he needs mostly veggies some fruits and few seeds. I am having a horrible time getting him to eat any form of veg fruit chop mix I give him. He only want his seed mix. Last with my nutribullet I broke down mustard greens spinach oranges apples cornmeal. I spread it into a square sheet covered the top with his seed mix and froze it. Then this morning I cut them into little square brownie like servings to keep in the freezer. I have him the first one this morning thinking he would start to pick the seeds off the top and get to veggies and end up eating it. Nope. I don't want him to starve but I also want him to eat the best diet. What can I'd do? I'm also having flight issues as he came with his wings clipped but still is always looking for higher ground and he can get pretty far. He's still trying to fly and knocking into Walls and always trying to get to higher ground. any tips would be appreciated I attached some pics of him and and what I'm trying to feed him.
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