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Hello All,

I have a yellow cockatiel that keeps opening his mouth. His name is Tintin. This behavior can last all day, and some times it disappears and return. He has been doing this almost for two months.

This youtube video shows this behavior:

I have already taken him to 3 vets. One made him ask to make inhalation, other asked for an X-ray which detected nothing and prescribed anti inflammatory medicine, which did not solve the problem. The third also asked for stool examination. Nothing was detected. Then the last vet prescribed some homeopathy because he thinks that this is only behavioral.

Despite of this behavior, he is feeding normally, is maintaining his weight (around 85 g), playing with his toys and some time singing.

Does any one have seen anything like that?

Please help me, because I felt despair when he does not stop doing that.

ps. He is 17 years old.

Thanks in advance.

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