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Hello, my name is Thor (Yes It's my actual name.). I have a little Cockatiel named Sunshine, he's 1 years old and the first bird I've ever had.

I've recently noticed a few things that concern me, so I'd like to check up with some people on this forum and see if he's doing well or not.

Ever since I got Sunshine he's always been a very cautious bird. He's easily frightened by the smallest things. The only person he is comfortable sitting on and being touched by is me, and throughout the year he hasn't warmed up to anyone else.

Sunshine can easily get annoyed with me and is impossible to play with. I've tried many methods of playing with him but he ends up taking my invitations to play as threats or something since he always gets angered with me as soon as I do.

For as long as I can remember Sunshine has had his tail pointed downward whenever he sits on his little stick to sleep. Sometimes he won't even sleep, he'll just sit for hours. I'll wake up sometimes and see him still sitting the exact same way.

Recently Sunshine has started to poop greenish colored poop as well. Although it switches from black/white to green/white to entirely green sometimes. The shape and size of the poop can vary as well, sometimes coming in different shapes and other times only coming out with some wet substance and a kind of "cord" (which I presume is his feces, while the wet substance is a less compressed version of his pee) which worries me.

Of course I've looked in to all this. But I've been told so many things, It's quite honestly starting to annoy me a lot. Some people say green poop is an infection and others say It's because of stress. Some say a tail pointing downward is a sign of illness and even death. Other people say that rapid change in color and shape of poop is a sign of a liver infection.

Please, could someone answer these questions? And please only answer if you're sure that you know what you're talking about. Misinformation is clearly a common thing when it comes to birds... :/
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