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Help for Elijah!

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Hi Elijah, I wanted to be sure you would see this so I didn't want to put it under and old post or send a private message. I wasn't sure you could access. I ran accross this today and I thought you might find it helpful. If you go to this site there is a section called the happy and healthy Cockatiel and a heading under that talks about handling and training. I think it will give you the confidence to know you are doing it right! Good Luck. You can do it!:) here's the address
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thank you :D i will have a look i am very close to selling her its not fair one her
you dont sound mean at all, i really wan to gie her the chance but i am just to scared to try

i dont want you all to hate me or think i am cruel, i do loe her and would loe her to be tame but for some reason she wont i hae tryed loads today, spent a lot of time with her as mum toke hermione out, but nothing seems to be working

i am stuck, i am just to scared of her and i think she knows this, i am really sorry
i hae just sat in front of the cage with the door open, just looking at her i loe her to much to sell her, and lets face it if i hated her so much i wouldnt be so upset so i got some millet and put my bare hand in, she more or less hoped straight on, yes she was attrcted to me writst things as a toy but she steped up n to my ther hand to get some millet,

i think facing selling her in face i relaxed odd i know, maybe its a sign
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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