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My tiel has been laying eggs for about two months now and is on her twelfth egg. Just two days ago we took her to her avian vet to go over her health and he advised us to block up her nesting spot and stop feeding her cheese (as we have been to keep her calcium up) so her conditions for egg laying won't seem so perfect.

She laid her twelfth egg yesterday so we decided to block it up then. The problem is that she's still struggling to lift her legs and has an exposed cloaca as though she still has an egg left to lay. Not only that, she won't stop chirping, which is almost certainly due to the blocking of her nest since she flies there every now and again.

Is it possible that she already has another egg ready to lay? Will keeping her from her place to lay result in egg binding? Will she calm down and forget her nest soon? I'm quite worried 😟
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