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Hello everyone-

I just got told about this awesome forum from someone on the chins and quills network and I can't believe all of the great information there is! A little bit about me I am a k-6 Special Education teacher at a small school district in Iowa. I am currently owned by 4 chinchillas, 3 dogs, 1 cinnamon pearl cockatiel, and 1 huge fantail goldfish/ I have just gotten my cockatiel 3 days ago and shim (she/him since I don't know the sex) is 3 months old. I am still in learning and researching everything I can about the breed and how to train them as this is my first baby bird (have owned parakeets, and canaries in the past but they were several years old). I was so excited because today Kokomo did step-up, and played on his play-gym for a while outside of his cage, this was incredible to me considering he wasn't hand fed, and I can't believe how much he trusts me already. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here!
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Welcome!!! First quick lesson, Cockatiels are not breeds, they are species :D Next quick lesson, we need pictures!!! :p

I'd love to see photos of your tiel, as well as your chinchillas. :)
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