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Hello everybody I am a proud mom of 9 birds....yes some of my friends call me bird lady
I have 5 parakeets Clint,Lucky,Lemon,Rooster and Angel.
2 love birds Peachgo and Azure
And a pair of cockatiels my female is Pied originally named her Midas...until I saw the male mounting her named her Maggie, breeder thought she was a male at first.
My male is normal grey his name is Cleatus he has a off set wing from birth but Flys just fine.

I love my bird babies and I am currently expecting Maggie and Cleatus' first clutch...hoping to get a chick out of this first clutch if not I believe they are trying for round #2 cause he can't get enough of her lately. Brown Tan Nest Kitchen utensil Egg
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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