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Hello. Two weeks ago I got my cockatiel that I believe is a boy. I will have DNA gender test done next week. There are no markings on the underside of his tail feathers. He is about two years old according to the avian veterinarian. He is a Pied Cockatiel. Charlie is my first cockatiel and first bird. He is not hand raised but used to limited human interactions. He is learning to trust me. He allows me to put my hand in his cage for maintenance issues like cleaning and changing food/water dish. He is coming from a seed only diet to pellets, veggie, fruit, oat groats and limited seed diet. He is adjusting well I think. He has not willingly come out of his cage to explore his surroundings when the door is left open for him to come out. I’m not giving up on us; It’s still early. I talk, sing, read, whistle, listen to music and watch tv with Charlie. He allows my hand near him in his cage but will not perch on my finger yet. I plan to use millet spray to entice him to trust me more, get him to perch on my finger/hand, and eventually get him out of that cage. Any advice, welcomes, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome.


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