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Hello - I'm new here

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and hope to learn some new things about Cockatiels. I'm a fairly new owner to an approx. 4 month old Whiteface Cockatiel. I am also owned by a Canary and a Quaker and 2 dogs. Per the petstore lady, who is also the breeder, she believes the tiel to be a male, although he is just currently starting to molt. I can see his face is getting whiter already. I've only had him for a week, and he seems to be settling in rather nicely. He has not whistled "in song" yet, but has whistled back and forth with my other birds. I think it's more of a flock call.

He discovered veggies a few days ago and seems to be in love with them. So far he loves sugar snap peas, carrots, sprouts and romaine lettuce. I'm so thrilled that he is liking his veggies, because it took my Quaker quite a while to develop a liking for it.

I picked Greyson, because he was the sorriest ugly looking duckling I've seen. His tail feathers are all gone. They've been broken off by the other tiels in the playpen and they've also started to overpreen his little face. He sure was the ugliest one there, but also the sweetest one. He is such a littl sweetheart and ride on my shoulder and hide under my hair. He had lots of pin feathers on his head so I started preening him and at first he didn't like me doing that, but then quickly realized it wasn't so bad. Now he will lay his head on my shoulder and close his eyes when I do it. LOL He is such a sweety.
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Welcome to the forums!! Greyson sounds like a total cutie. :D
awww! Welcome to you and your sweet "ugly duckling". I have the tendency to pick out those too. Baby was one and is now Beautiful and Ziggy (got him a month ago) is missing his tail just like your Greyson.:rolleyes: Glad to hear he's getting his veggies! Post some pics when you can.
Hi there welcome to the forum :) congrats on your new tiel
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