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Hello, i need help repairing some mistakes...

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Hello! I just found out about this comunity, so i want you to know that i'm excited to read about your experience with cockatiels and learn from it.

I had an 8 year old boy 'tiel named Papi. He was my best buddy and we were strongly bonded, but i decided to adopt a friend for him, because school activities took more time recently and i didn't want him to feel lonely when i left the house.

This year in april, i adopted an 8 month old girl named Lola. She was shy, but Papi gave her courage to trust me, so she started eating with him from my hand after the first two weeks.

Anyway, all changed when Papi died from intoxication with zync, two months ago. He chewed on the window courtain, wich i didn't know it had a thin metal wire on the edge, covered in material that he went through. I will never forgive myself for letting him unsupervised. Maybe my buddy would have been still alive if i saw what he was doing.

The problem part, if you don't have time to read all i wrote

Since that moment, Lola became more afraid of me and my family. We try to approach her, but she keeps her distance. Rarely, she eats from my hand when i hold some millet spray in front of her. Because she was kept in an iviary, she doesn't like staying in her cage too much time, so i can't keep her in there until she starts trusting me. What should i do? She clearly pays atention to us sometimes, but she seems very afraid.

Should i clip her wings? I heard that is an option, nut i am afraid to lose her trust even more!!

Also, she seems very lonely. She sings lonely sometimes and reacts when hears the birds outside our house. When i try to respond to her or show her some atention, she isn't very interested. Shoul i consider getting her a friend?(also, it matters if it would be a boy or a girl?)

With Papi, things went so smooth, he was super friendly and courageous..

Thank you for reading this and helping me!
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Are you able to hold her? I would make it happen every day. Talk softly to her. Play some music if she likes it. Don’t hold your baby’s death against yourself! It was an accident and if you are hanging onto it, you won’t make progress with her! If it’s possible, take her to some “neutral “ territory. Somewhere that she doesn’t associate with her aviary or cage. Just spend time with her but make sure your energy is positive! It has to be if you are going to be successful. As for getting her a mate, I can’t answer that. But if you do, I’d get a male. I wish you the best of love with your girl. Think SUCCESS!
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