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I came across this forum online when I had lots of questions about getting my first cockatiel earlier this year! My cockatiel was not my first bird though--I had fostered 3 adorable budgies for half of 2017 and discovered that I was a bird person.

So, about my cockatiels! My spouse and I have two wonderful fids named Rosie and Mr. Moe.

We met Rosie up in MI state at a locally owned pet store that we had been going to for budgie supplies during their stay with us. There were lots of beautiful birds in their store, from rosy bourke parakeets to diamond doves, but the cockatiels caught my attention the most with their goofy, bright cheeks and adorable little "smiles". We had been thinking about adding a bird permanently to our family because of how much we liked the budgies and felt that the time was right--but didn't entirely have the intention of taking home a bird that day. Well, that changed when I saw my girl Rosie in the cage with the other hand raised 'tiels. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen and was the only one with a pearled pattern, which caught my eye as soon as I walked over to the cage. While she was waiting for another bird to scratch her head and preen her, I decided that she was perfect and that we had to bring her home with us! It only took about a week or two for her to bond with us and to decide that she loves to cuddle and get head scratches. She can be so sassy and a little cranky past her bedtime, but otherwise is the most sweet, cuddly thing I've ever met.

Mr. Moe is our most recent addition to our family, coming home to us only about a month ago. His owners had decided that they would like him to be with another bird so that he would be able to get more attention and be able to socialize through the day (versus just the evening after work or in the mornings). It was a very heartfelt goodbye to Mr. Moe for them and we were very touched by the level of care and love they had given to him over the past 5 years or so. He is a wonderful, beautiful bird with lots of personality and even knows several tricks, such as how to wave and flipping over a card. Our local avian vet said that he was one of the most beautiful cockatiels he's seen in a long time, having a special speckled charcoal coloring on some of his wing feathers and otherwise looking great. Both of our birds are fortunately happy and healthy!

I'm glad this forum exists for people to talk about what's going on with their birds--it definitely helped me when I needed it and I'm sure starting an account will let me give advice to others too! Weirdly enough there aren't a whole lot of bird people in the bay area where we live, so I'm glad there are lots of outlets online for bird people to communicate.

Much love,
Rosie :pearl: and Mr. Moe :grey tiel:
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