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Hello from Southern, Indiana

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I found out about this place through talkbudgies (just joined that as well). I'm very glad that there is a talk cockatiels :).

I have had many tiels in the past, but went 4 years with out owning one up till about 4 months ago.

Cheeky (my tiel) is GREAT! He was hand raised by its breeder. Checky is a male, he has the yellow face and orange cheeks. He just finshed with his molt a few weeks back.

I got him from a pet shop. I didn't plan on getting him or another tiel ever, but there was something about him :). He was in a BIG cage, sitting on a corner perch. He was all quiet and to himself. I ask to get him out, played with him a while and put him up. I went home and told my whole family about him that night. First thing the next day I went back bought him :D.

I took him home and put him in another good sized cage. After about an hour in the cage, Cheeky was no longer quiet. It started with noises, and with in a week, turned into talking!

Cheeky NOW talks up a storm! In the past, I had heard that tiels could talk, but had never heard one in person. None of my other tiels ever talked.

Cheeky says Hello, pretty bird, Cheeky is a pretty bird, What ya doing?, and mixes up his pretty's. We sometimes get to here Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Bird. We're working on "Night Night", and "See ya later".

I read up on tiels again before I got him. I have continued to read here and there about them.

I really look forward to talking to others about tiels, learning more, and sharing stories/pictures.

I do have one question...
Is there a limit as too how many words a tiel can learn??
His talking is VERY clear, and anyone can understand him.

Thank You,
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Hi Hilly welcome to the forum :)
Thats a nice Story on how you meet Cheeky love the name btw :D
not sure if there is a limit on how many words they can learn I am sure there are others that know more on that ;)
Welcome to the forums! :D Cheeky sounds fantastic. I don't believe there is a limit on words, and it sounds like Cheeky has great potential to learn a fantastic range of words.
Hey Hilly! Welcome to the site :) .
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