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Hello there,

I am new to owning a cockatiel and thought this would be a good place to start. I have kept budgies for most of my life though after my last bird died a couple of years ago I was so upset I decided I did not want to have another budgie. So I have taken the plunge and gotten a cockatiel.

My cockatiel is called Vega and he is a hand reared bird and a couple of months old. My girlfriend and I got him at the weekend and are letting him settle into home.

There are a few behaviours I would welcome your guidance on. I have noticed that he can be a bit cranky in the evenings and will sometimes hiss and lunge if you go near him, which was something he did not really do at all on the first and second day we had him. Also he tends to be quite clingy to his cage and while he will step onto a finger and let you carry him around he often is looking for his cage and will fly back to it if he gets a chance to. We interact and talk to him as much as we can. It is early days of course and we have only had him a short while, though if you have any pro-tips for now they would be very welcome.
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