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Hi folks:

I havent been here for a while and I always appreciate the friendly interaction here and its always super to be among polite and helpful folks.

I cant remember when I have been here last so I thought I would come by and say hello. I so love interacting with cockatiels in the wild! I had the great priveledge of doing that in 2008 and will be doing it again this fall!

Guess what?! I am taking 8 people to Australia to see and watch and film wild TIELS ! I know tours can be expensive so I tried to keep it all reasonable. So what I did is hack half off the price if you bring along a companion!

We should see plenty of wild Tiels against the back drop of rugged Aussie Countryside outside of Alice Springs. Not only that we should see budgies and bourke's parrots, Major Mitchells and probably about 25 or so different species of parrots!

Check out the itinerary here if you want:

Would be real fun to have some of you along with me!
Let me know if you have any questions
[email protected]

There is nothing like hearing that familiar tiel contact cry and see it coming from a flock of swift flying wild tiels!

Cheers and thanks for a great forum!



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