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Hi There Everybody 🙂

I Know I Haven’t Posted On Here In A Very Long Time!!

So Lets Get To It....Abbey And Apollo Paired Up...And Eventually Mated ...She Layed 3 Eggs ...I Candled Them After Around 7 Days And Noticed Only One Was Fertile...The Egg Is 21 Days Old Now...Abbey Is Sitting On It In The Box And I Can Hear The Chick Chirping Away Inside The Egg....I Had A Little Peek Inside The Box When She Was Eating And I Noticed A Raised Little Crack In The Egg ....The Chick Is Quite Vocal....When Can I Expect The Chick To Hatch ??

Also...What Do I Need To Look Out For To Know Everything Is Normal ??

Looking Forward To Hearing From You All 🙂
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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