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Hi all,

I have a pearl lutino girl, three years old, who was hand raised. She lives with her parents and her hatch-brother. She steps up, asks for cuddles and eats treats from hand, overall a tiel that is very used to being handled, however she seems very easily frightened still. I'm talking sees-you-in-a-different-shirt-and-turns-into-a-pole frightened.

I've been wondering whether this could be an indicator of her having any medical issues regarding sight. She dislocated her leg when she was a week old, so she has a limp, and hatched with the other leg deformed. She also has the lutino bald spot. Do lutino cockatiels have problems with sight, or am I just overreactiong over her skittish personality? I don't want her to live under constant stress.

Her mother was similar when we got her, but she wasn't tamed and has a cyst above her eye (that is monitored), so we just attributed it to that.
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