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Yesterday my partner and I had to pull our babies from their parents and take over the feeding completely. Honey and Henry had started mating again and laying another clutch, picking on the babies, kicking them out of the box, and not feeding them properly. The chicks were really stressed out - now that they’ve been separated they are totally calm. Luckily we got them used to being assist fed early on. The 2 youngest are taking feedings well but the 2 oldest aren’t taking a full feed at a time so hopefully they will come round. They all weighed low 80's and felt a bit underweight so hopefully with us feeding them they will put the lost weight back on (they have started flying too so I know they lose a few grams around this time but they were all around 100g so I think that's quite a big loss?).

Have removed Honey and Henrys’ 2 new eggs and nest box, rearranged their cage and relocated them. Giving them long nights. They took it pretty well to start with but were very stressed by the afternoon. They are first time parents so I was expecting problems from the start, but they did an awesome job up until a few days ago when we started to get concerned, and it’s manageable now that the babies are all 4 - 5 weeks old. It could’ve been a lot worse and luckily none of the babies were injured.

They all took a decent feed at lunchtime today. Trying to give 6cc per feed (4 times daily every 4 hours) but the oldest 2 don’t always take the lot so we give them a break and try again. Oldest 2 babies are foraging pretty well on their own now.

Tonight their feeding went super well! We had them out this evening for cuddle time, foraging and play and then handfeeding. My partner and I feed one each at a time and the other 2 babies were trying to join in and couldn’t wait their turn :lol: so pleased. Dramatic difference from this morning. I think they can only improve from here.

Attached is a pic of their temporary setup (which we had to make in a hurry. We used a decent-sized storage bin, drilled a few rows of air holes in the lid and some in the sides for perches). In another week or so they’ll be ready for a cage.

Side note: I have a lot of photos of the babies (and of the rest of my flock) that I haven't managed to upload here. I will upload some in future posts but some files are too large for the forum to handle (taken with a Nikon camera). I started a photography account on Instagram so if you're interested in seeing some pics you can check out my page here.


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