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got pikachu who as per shop is male and 3-4months old.
This is the first time i am owning cockatiel this young (attached photo)

Though i am taking him to vet, i wanted to know few things like
  1. When i let him perch i see that his tail is never aligned to his wings, but always angled down. Is this normal?
  2. I found a insect on him. Probably he was not kept correctly. I was planning to give him acv mixed bath. Is that right thing to do at his age
Your cockatiel does not look healthy. The tail looks shaggy and really short. To get rid of the feather mites or the bugs on your bird, I recommend going to your local vet or avian store to find a suitable prescription for her. What condition did you get your cockatiel in? What cage was it kept in? Was it with any other birds?
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