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Goldie is just one silly little girl

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So last week when I changed the papers in the birds cages and vacuumed the floors I was sittin in my chair for a bit Watching them enjoy the new clean paper and letting my back rest it felt like it was going to break in half if I made one move

Well For some odd reason Goldie decided she was going to start nibble on the edges of the paper in her cage
I told her no don't do that that's clean paper I just put it on I don't need you making little spit balls out of all of it So i got another piece of newspaper and cut 2 strips and then cut those in half

and I put them in through the bars of the cage (where part of it was sticking out of the cage and part was in the cage) she just went crazy for this and pulled one out an was pulling it all around her cage, then she'd try to hide her head under it, Then she'd lift her head up and make this little noise (sounded like the hiccups) then she'd start all over , she did this for a good 15 minutes and I couldn't stop laughing at her Which i think is why she did it for so long lol

I just wish i would of had my camera in there at the time to video her it was just too funny

But when i clean the cages tommorow I'll try to get a video of her if she does it again .
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Your not alone ive cought mine before now with the paper towels shreded and up over the perches it looks like they have had a party in there lol:D
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