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Hello there!

My [cockatiel’s] name is Godzilla 🌻, I’m a smol but brave cinnamoroll~

Momma adopted me from her friends’ home and I’ve been living with her for about one month~ I have some markings on my beak and am missing 5 toenails! But Momma says she’s thankful because that means I have less weapons! (although she believes the remaining toenails might do more damage like this)

Despite the short period, we’ve been through a lot of adventures! I spend the day in Momma’s bedroom (where she is currently having online classes) and sleep in my cage, which is covered at night, on the balcony.

I share my home with Momma, her mommy and daddy, and 4 huge guinea pigs. I really enjoy stealing their hay. hurrhurr

Cheers from São Paulo, Brasil!

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