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I own four beautiful cocktiels. They are all well tamed and very interactive birds. They are so bonded with my family and I have kept them really happy. But lately I have been having a very busy and hectic life. Taking care of the bird mess is too much to handle with all the other stress I have going on. Let me give a brief history of how I got them. My kids wanted pets due to peer pressure at school and so they wanted a bird. So we bought 2 cute little cockatiel , 8 weeks old , and from the day they came to my house I have been like thier mom. They really love me , they kiss me , they fly to me or hubby. Also I got 2 more cockatiel from my sister because all the four became good friends when my sister visited one summer. Initially I bought them a flight cage. They were not happy in the cage, so i converted a bedroom to a bird room . They like their room but they also love to wander around the entire house. I stopped clipping thier wings because I noticed they got hurt often and were not happy with clipped wings. Big difference for birds, they just love to fly. I like a clean house and with birds at home I am losing the battle. My life is becoming miserable because I have a stressful job, young kids and birds... It is a lot for me to handle. I want to give my birds for adoption and want to choose the next owner rather than sell them like they are objects. It is very difficult for our entire family but I cannot go on like this. Please can someone suggest any means I can find the right person who can take my birds. The most important thing is for them to have a similar environment like the one they are used to ( the ability to fly and not always in the cage) . My birds only go to thier cage to sleep.

Any suggestions would help..

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