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Hey all! I’m seeking some expertise from those with experience. So my husband and I have the sweetest female Tiel named Rupert. She’s a little lover and used to getting tons of our attention. Anyways-we have a newborn daughter and we rescued a little old dog a year ago who has to rotate between time being out with Rupert. I’m feeling terribly guilty now as Rupert doesn’t get nearly the shoulder time, love, and attention that she was used too. Of course we still love on her and get her out of her cage but I can’t help but feel sorry for her since it’s not to the extent she deserves. She’s 4 years old...our dog is approx 10 so in time Rupert will have her glory days back as our old man pup ages and our daughter gets older. All this being said, I am debating on getting Rupert another female Cockatiel companion but I’m concerned about egg laying and chronic egg laying if I put her with another ‘Tiel. I’m considering rescuing one from a local organization and they will help with their introduction and quarantine, etc. Rupert has laid eggs once before about one year ago. She laid 3 then stopped however she does sometimes demonstrate “nesting” behavior in her food dish etc. I guess my questions are as follows:
1) In your experience are two tiels happier than one?
2)in your experience is it super likely that Rupert would begin to lay eggs or have chronic egg laying/egg binding issues from having a companion with her?
3) any other advice given my situation is welcome.
4) what would you guys do?
I know there is a possibility of this happening but I want your experienced stories. Has this happened to any of you with two females? Likely? Unlikely?
I just want what is best for my girl! I love her dearly and want to do what is right. I do not want her lonely but by the same token I do not want to risk her safety-especially if the risk is big.
Sorry for the long post! I look forward to hearing what you all have to say! :pied:
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