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So, I am getting a cockatiel very soon, didn't order them yet as first wait until I get everything ready.

I did my fair share of research, but it's still the most reliable if you ask experienced owners.

The cage I ordered is around 88 cm (height), 81 cm (width) and 47 cm (length) - total height is 1,6 meters.
With it I ordered some toys and a mineral block or what ya called. (I will buy more toys in my local pet store to see the quality better - foraging toys included)
Am planning to buy natural wood perches/sticks.

Those are my things I am planning to buy and do (Do point out what I miss or smth very important)

So, here are my actual questions:
1. Is my cage big enough for 2 cockatiels? (I need to go to school but after that I am always at home except for work and doing groceries)
2. Do I need to know smth important once getting them/bringing them home?
3. What is their exact diet? Like, how much and what are the ratio? How do I prevent obesity? I know they eat seeds, pellets and fresh vegetables but I don't know the ratio. (I watched yt videos but they only say what they need but not how much)
4. Is endive toxic or good for cockatiels?

5. Some pellet recommendation? (I live in the Netherlands)
6. Which seeds should I buy for my cockatiels? (To stuff in foraging toys and occasional treats)

Welp, then again, it's just their food intake what worries me most.

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Well I have never had a cockatiel myself, planning on getting one soon though.

Just btw: As a first-time bird owner I wouldn't recommend two birds at once as they will bond better to each other than with you. This happens with mirrors too. You don't want a mirror toy because they will bond with their reflection and it could become obsessive. This makes it hard to bond & train your bird. If you do not spend a lot of time at home and you don't live with other people (I live with 7 other people so my eventual bird won't be lonely when I am gone) then another bird might be a good idea. Be sure you get 2 of the same gender unless you are breeding. Just remember 2 birds are a lot of work.

As far as cage, I read that you need 24in X 24in X 24in at least (I don't use cm that often) and for 2 birds I would suggest maybe close to double that.

As far as food I read that you should give them 1/4 cup of pellets. There is a big argument over if a seed diet or pellet diet is better, I would go with pellets however. If you do a pellet diet most people say you should do 70-75% of their diet in pellets, 15-20% fresh fruits and veggies, and 5-10% seeds.
You should go look on google to see what veggies are toxic and what aren't (cockatiels apparently aren't a huge fan of fruits) and remember to keep their veggie intake a variety. Remember: if your bird(s) don't like a certain veggie/fruit don't force it, but you can get them to try it (after they trust you) with the tips on this site:
Cockatiels aren't prone to over eating so don't worry to much about that (if you give them a lot of veggies, they wont eat as much pellets) BUT if you give them the same veggies everyday, they can get too much of what ever that veggie provides and too little of what it doesn't. Example: celery, it is high in sodium but otherwise is just water.

Foraging toys are a fun creative thing, for you and your bird. You need to make sure everything is non-toxic, and it depends on your bird. When you first get the bird you should leave them alone for a few days and spend time with them but not holding them so they can get used to you. With new toys this is similar. When you first make/buy them a toy, hang it outside their cage for a week or two so it isn't new and scary for them. Do NOT fill their cage with toys when you first bring them home as this can terrify them. When you first give a toy to the bird (actually inside the cage) watch their behavior to it, with certain toys if a bird plays with it certain ways it can cause damage to the bird.

I realize you didn't ask this but it is really important for a healthy bird. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE your perches are NOT dowels, these can cause harm to the bird. In the wild the widths of the branches the birds stand on vary, and when they don't (in the case of dowels) it can cause cramps and feet-related problems. Saying that, make sure you use natural wood perches. Stores do sell these. I would personally suggest making your perches and toys your self so you know everything will be non-toxic to the bird.
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