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Does the cockatiel look healthy or not?

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grey with white head ig
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HI, I'm getting a grey cockatiel... its supposed hand tamed and its an 8 week old baby. ( ill put a pic too) since its a petshop I wanna confirm that the one I'm getting is healthy. the baby isn't weaned yet, the owner told me to wait 2 more weeks before I can bring it home. what I thought was odd that he clipped its wings after the pic without even asking me! well there isn't much I can do now can I? One more thing in the background of the pic there is a cage with a green bottom... that's where hes being kept with other babies. I also saw the owner was a bit rough with these fragile babies. I'm planning on taking him to the vet when i get him but that might not be an option since I have to use my own money and I'm still in highschool with no job. So.. does anyone have tips on how i can examine/ help him if needed at home myself? this is the biggest purchase I've ever made total for him is $352. PHEW

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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